The British by Descent Campaign fights for British citizenship equality.

Currently, the law allows some people born outside the UK to a British parent to be able to claim British citizenship automatically, but others born outside UK to a British parent are not considered to be automatically British. This blatant discrimination is outrageous.

Children born abroad before 1983 to British mothers

Are required to:

  • Submit a nationality registration form (including two references).
  • Undergo a background check into their eligibility and be of “good character”.
  • Attend a citizenship ceremony.

Besides these unjust conditions, this has two implications: firstly, the applicant has to be approved; secondly, if accepted, can be revoked by the government. This route to conditional citizenship is designed for immigrants and is not at all appropriate for children of a British parent.

The right to claim unconditional British citizenship via a British parent, should not be conditional. To be British by descent is a birthright. The Government currently recognises this for some but not all.

This discrimination (ageism, sexism) is unjustified.

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