About me

Maureen is an American expatriate, residing in a small town in England with her English husband and their two English sons.

Maureen was born abroad before 1983 to a British mother (a war bride).

It’s worth noting that many of the people affected by this unfair law are children of British war brides.

Obviously, Maureen is one of those directly affected by  this unfair law – discrimination against children born abroad before 1983 to British mothers.

Maureen wants to claim her right to British citizenship but refuses to apply because the right to “register” is not the same as the right to claim British citizenship (without conditions) which she is entitled to. If her father had been British , or if she were younger, there would be no registration and no ceremony.

The campaign against this blatant discrmination is for all those who are affected by this unjust law.

To be British by descent is a birthright. The UK currently recognises this for some but not all.

Maureen began the Campaign for Citizenship Equality to right this injustice.