How can discrimination be allowed?

I wrote to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) about the blatant age and sex discrimination and this is their reply:

“Acts of Parliament are included in the Table of Exceptions from the Sex Discrimination Act”

“Age discrimination would also not apply as this only currently applies to employment and education.”

Why is registration such an issue if that’s all it takes to finally get citizenship?

Don’t forget the ceremony. It’s an issue because there shouldn’t be any “conditions” full-stop. It’s wrong that I must provide 2 referees (references) to confirm “good character” and attend a citizenship ceremony before I can claim British citizenship. If my father had been British instead of my mother, I would have been entitled to claim my British citizenship without any conditions. It’s unjust discrimination.

Why don’t all children who are British by descent have to undergo a background check to prove good character?

Good question! This is why this law is not only very unfair, it defies logic. Are children born to British fathers or to any British parent after 1983 more trustworthy?

If you’re so keen to become a British citizen, why be averse to attending a ceremony?

The imposition of a ceremony fee and attending a ceremony is an insult because we should be entitled to claim citizenship via our British mothers, not “become” a citizen via a ceremony. A Citizenship Ceremony is the final stage in granting British Citizenship to foreign nationals. They don’t have a British parent!