Immigration Decision Provokes ‘Secret Justice’ Fight

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is in the news because she is refusing to disclose why some immigrants have been refused British citizenship. Her refusal has triggered a legal battle over “secret justice”.

This news story in The Huffington Post caught my eye because of two points in particular:

Theresa May declared that she was not satisfied the unsuccessful applicants were “of good character”.


In written statements before the court, Eadie [James Eadie QC, representing the Home Secretary] argued that naturalisation was “a privilege not a right”

So, this begs the question: Why should those of us with a British parent be required to register, and provide two references, as well as  undergo a background check and be of “good character” and have to be approved before we can claim our right to British Citizenship?  Does this ruling mean that some of us might be refused, and never be told why?

Furthermore, having a British parent does give us the “right” to claim British citizenship!

To be British by descent is a birthright. The Government currently recognises this for some but not all.


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